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Consider This...Podcast

Apr 27, 2024

Jonathan Haidt’s latest book The Anxious Generation has elicited a lot of attention and reaction. His conclusions are clear, and give hard data to what most parents are already experiencing with their children. Head of School, Howe Whitman, processes through Haidt’s claims and talks with parents about where to go...

Feb 22, 2024

Karen Glass, educator, author, and Charlotte Mason expert visited our campus last week. She spent time with our parents and faculty sharing both the philosophy and practical methodology of Charlotte Mason. Karen dives into the essential questions of “What is education doing?” and “Who is being educated?” and...

Nov 9, 2023

Listen in as Julie Lowe shares stories and principles for addressing anxious children. She reminds us that healthy relationships are vital for anxiety; especially a relationship with YOU the parent. Ultimately God offers Himself to meet our children in their anxiety - His presence is the answer to our...

Oct 3, 2023

Listen in as Ed MacQueen shares what makes school at Wilberforce unique and what this means for our children’s future. What is this higher purpose?

Sep 7, 2023

Listen to Head of School, Howe Whitman, as he shares with parents in just 8 minutes how to prepare for the year ahead with your children.